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Samsung Feedback - samsung egypt suscks - galaxy s7 edge
Samsung Feedback

Samsung Feedback


samsung egypt suscks - galaxy s7 edge

Product, where purchased or serial number: imei; 357329/07/679987/5,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about Electrical Products at Samsung on July 2nd, 2017.

i am an old user of Samsung products, my family too, and i am sad to write this now, as i am passing a very bad time dealing with Samsung egypt, customer service or technical support, THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER, i bought s7 edge (5/12/2016) and from the beginning the phone was freezing but from time to another, so i thought its ok, then before the month of ramdan may 24th 2017, the phone was dead, so i went to (makram abeed samsung service center/cairo/egypt) and they said that the phone need an extra electricity shock!!! anyways, i took the phone at the same day and it was working, then in june 2017, the phone start to restart 2 times a day, at the end of june, the phone was not able to to start, i went to (abbas el aqqad samsung service center, cairo/egypt, they told me its a hardware (after 12 month from a phone with almost 11,000 l.e) they told me it is not miss use, but its bad luck or may be you bought the phone with this problem, when i gave them the box and everthing, the guy discovered that i bought the gurantee was effective march 2016 (i bought it in may 2016) and he tld me sometimes it happen, anyways, i made a complaint that its not my fault, its not miss use from me, so why should i pay almost half the phone price, they told me they will reply maximum 2 days, as usual they replied after 4 days, and they offered me 20% but i didnt accept that because again its not my mistake and it doesnt make any sense to pay that kind of money for something not my fault, i filed a complaint to Samsung egypt, and thats was a big mistake, they are lying, unprofessional, they dont even communicate with each other, we are going in circles for 2 weeks so far, same answers, and after 1 week they called me and told me that the phone need a hardware, and it will cost 5200 l.e (thats even the old price )), no one is calling, i feel like i got scammed and fooled from them, for 2 weeks i dont have phone numbers, no contacts, no internet, am losing business, i lost already 2 deals for $6000 USD (i work for a candian advertising agency www.traffic-stream.com and am specified for facebook and google advertising) thats the device number 4198371479, my name is khaled fouad shomman, my phone number +0201007401006.

just to fix my phone for free because its not my fault.

I look forward to a prompt response.

Please reply to my Resolver email account as I would like to keep all of my communications in my personalised complaints case file.

Yours faithfully

khaled shomman

Reference: 4198371479

Address: khaled fouad shomman, 0201007401006, cairo, egypt


i need an email address

Hello Sir

If you have any inquiry , it's our pleasure to help you (*)

you r not going to help

you r not going to help

you r not going to help

you r not going to help

you r not going to help, i need to send a complaint to samsung egypt

It will be our pleasure to help you if you have any problem

Can you tell us the issue that you faced ?

first of all am a samsung user from day one, and all my family, since note 2 ,3,4,5,s6, i had no problems with them, with my disaster phone s7 edge, am facing a problem and no one can help me wth that, my problem started after 2 month from the date i bought this phone 5/12/2016, the phone was freezing then i went to complaint, they told me software, but its wasnot software, from the egining of ramdan, the phne is freezing and restarting suddenly, i went to samsung branch (beside serag mall) they opened the phone and they told me done, we give it extra electricity and thats it, i went home, then from first week of ramdan the phone keeps restarting and sometimes freeze and dont open again, i went to samsung branch (abbas el aqad) they told me its hardware and it will cost 5200 l.e, which is almost half the phone price, i filed a complaint there then after 3 days they reply that the best they can do is 10% off )) which is a joke because how come a hardware or a processor get damaged by itself, specially it have been with me for 12 month so far, the second problem that whilei was in samsung branch i discovered that the gurantee started 3 month before the date that i bought the phone and the guy in samsung branch told me yes it happens, now am losing business and emails for the past week till now, so am waiting ur answer ASAP for that,

We do apologize about the problem that you faced .

Could you tell us the phone number to check the data ?


or do u mean the serial phone number


is it on the box



imei; 357329/07/679987/5


please be faster

Kindly define the number of the receipt that you received from service center .

i didn't have any receipts

the guy name was george

abbas el aqad branch

my name is khaled fouad shomman

my phone number 01007401006

my emai, khaled.shomman@gmail.com

i didnt have receipts because he sent my complaint on the same day and he told me to call after 2 days


Could you define the model code of device ?

am not sure where i can find that

806088 274188

that one on the box

color, black onyx


IMEI: 357329/07/679987/5

AND that number on the gurantee


We do appreciate the issue that you faced

you have to deliver the device to service center and receiving a receipt to contact with the service center


thats if am going to repair the phone and pay the money

so i dont understand that

simply you can track from your side the complaint with my name

and phone number

because the guy told me that they replied on it


you are asking me know to go tommorow again to the service center and leave the phone and wait again

the isssue is simple and clear

and again, am loosing business by this way

if you cant help just let me know because that what i thought from the beginning

am wasting my time here sitting infront of my laptop because i have no smartphone now

We understand your issue , Sir

But there is no data about the repair order and we can't search with the name as we have a lot of customers so system can't search with name .

You will not start from the beginning as we will make a complaint and contact with the service center to figure out the reason for repeating the issue in your device

it seems like you didnt got the issue

i didnt leave my device for them

the 2 times i took the phone with me on the same day

first time they tried to open the phone because the data, and they did

the second time i went to george in abbas el aqqad branch and i asked to file a complaint, he took the phone and came back to me saying thats a hardware problem

so he filed the complaint for me and i took the phone with me

We got the issue but you have to leave the device in service center , sir

If you can't leave the device , we can't contact the service center .

ok, will go tommorow morning and leave the device and will send you the number here, but again keep in mind that i cant keep loosing time or business

Thanks for understanding the situation .

You can send us the number and will help you .

JUL 9TH, 12:31PM

here is the number



We will contact with the service center and call you back , sir .

when should i expect your call ??

We will contact you through this week .

its not going to work, i have been in this situation for a long time, as we discussed yesterday, am losing business and time, its critical. will wait a replay today or tommorow maximum

We will contact you once we get the response from service center .

TUE 11:10AM

good morning, till today i didnt get an answer, please again keep in mind that i dont have any phone numbers and still am loosing business!!!!

We do apologize about the issue that you faced .

Kindly wait a call through the day .


You 're the most welcome (*)

TUE 6:24PM

its almost 7 and no one called me yet

As we told you , sir we will contact with you within the day .

WED 5:22PM

am waiting ur call

we follow with the service center and we will call you again sir

THU 3:12PM

till now no one called me, i really dont understand is it so hard to call me and let me know, am asking for my rights thats it, again everyday pass am losing business, are you waiting till we reach the weekend so we will continue another week on the same circles, thats not appreciated

We 're still contacting with the service center sir to make sure of the discount amount .

THU 5:49PM

all this time just to make sure from an email have been sent to your service center!!!!also i want to make it clear, abbas el aqad branch told me that they will take 20% off, which means am still will pay 4000 l.e, offcourse i dont accept that, and thats why i talked to you from the first place

we do apologize but We are contacting with the service center mr khaled about your case and waiting new update from them.

SUN 2:53PM

Rocket science !!!

Rocket science !!!


and i know the typical answer, u still contacting the service center, 8 days am losing business and i have no numbers and u r contacting the service center!!!

we do apologize but We are contacting with the service center mr khaled about your case and waiting new update from them.

hahaha, the same answer!! for real

i need someone to call me today, i started to loose my faith in ur company

am getting the same answer for 8 days so far

For the issue you’re facing with the device, kindly accept our apologies for that.

SUN 5:02PM

forget about the basic templates, am done, someone should give me a call today

when was the last time you visit the service center ?

last sunday

And what they told you ?

Thank you for your patience

are we going to start the whole thing from the begining again


We do apologize for any inconvenience, but we need to know what they told you ?

after 2 weeks from the first complain in abbas el aqad branch and then samsung egypt, u are asking me a non relevant questions which proves thats u are wasting my time and my business

We 're still contacting with the service center sir to make sure of the discount amount .

so 1 week to make sure of the discounted amount

thats amazing

for the last time, am not going to accept 20% and this ****, the bottom line is, if you are not going to be able to fix my problem by tommorow i will take my next step

i walked with u guys step by step

but everyone told me that i am wasting my time with u guys

we do apologize but We are contacting with the service center mr khaled about your case and waiting new update from them


sorry guys to disturb you, but i wanna make sure you are contacting the service center, keep contacting

it's our pleasure to help you sir, don't be worry we are contacting with the service center about your issue

keep contacting, you are amazing guys, but please make sure you will reply before 2018

anyways, am taking my next steps

We do apologize mr khaled

but we are contacting with the service center to solve your issue

are you a robot ? is it an automated answer

keep contacting

We do apologize but we didn't receive update from the service center yet so when we receive any new update we will contact you

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