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Samsung Complaint - Whatever you do not buy a major Samsung Appliance - RS2630SH
Samsung Complaint

Samsung Complaint


Whatever you do not buy a major Samsung Appliance - RS2630SH

Samsung is unable to provide service and honor their warranty in the metro Atlanta area. A metro area of over 4.5 million people and Samsung can’t find a single dependable service technician.

The Samsung Saga…………Part 1

Almost 3 years ago my wife and I moved into a brand new home. We bought new appliances for the new home; one appliance was a Samsung RS2630SH refrigerator. It looked good, stainless steal, water, ice, child lock, all the bells and whistle.

Six or Seven months after the purchase the refrigerator started to make a very loud squeaking noise from the bottom. The refrigerator was still under warranty so I called Samsung. They promptly set me up with an appointment with Jiffy Appliances.

The Jiffy Appliance technician came out, stood next to the refrigerator, and diagnosed the problem with out touching the appliance. I should have known then something was wrong. He said I know what the problem is; I will order the part and be back within a week. Needless to say he never came back. Later on through discussions with Samsung I found out that the technician billed them for the work he didn’t do.

A few weeks went by and I called Samsung back to let them know that the technician never came back. They seemed a bit astonished considering he had billed Samsung for parts and service. From that point on Samsung was more concerned with them being fleeced by a crooked technician than fixing my refrigerator.

The Samsung customer Service rep said that she would have to call Jiffy Appliance find out what went wrong and call me back. Needless to say Samsung never called me back so after a few more weeks I called Samsung back.

Once again I go through the motions with Samsung, and they set me up with another local repair shop. AAA Southern Appliances this time. They gave me the number to AAA and told me they would set up the appointment. When I called AAA to confirm the appointment date and time, I got voice mail for days on end. When I finally got though to AAA; I was told that Samsung can not make appointments for them and that they never got a call from Samsung.

So I called Samsung again and was given the run around. I was told by Samsung that someone would get in contact with me. No one ever called me back, so my wife, an attorney, mailed Samsung a letter they sat on the letter and never called me back.

Part 2…………The Samsung Saga Continues

As this noise from the refrigerator continues it has steadily gotten worse. I was holding my 20 month old daughter trying to get her to go to sleep. However the squeal was so relentless and lasted so long my efforts were futile.

We moved to another part of the house, I got her to go to sleep, and once again I called Samsung. We went back through all of what I just told you and the customer rep was surprised that no one ever called me back. She said they received the letter and that it was in my file.

She was nice, took my compliant and passed me off to the ECR team. I believe it stands for Executive Customer Response. After talking with them I didn’t feel like an executive. After once again explaining to them what has happened with my refrigerator the customer rep was more concerned about Samsung paying Jiffy Appliances for services they didn’t provide, and less about my refrigerator.

I was told by the ECR rep that my warranty had expired. I reminded her that when I initially called my appliance was still under warranty and that Samsung never resolved the problem. She told me she was going to call Jiffy Appliances, find out what went wrong and call me back.

I finally called a call back from Samsung. They told me that my refrigerator was out of warranty that they would provide the parts but I had to pay for the labor. I told them I would think about it and get back with them

Needless to say I’m online looking at prices for a new refrigerator. I will buy a new one. Place this less than four years old Samsung refrigerator in an open field, strip all the sensitive parts, let the neighborhoods kids throw eggs at it, beat it with hammers, and have a New Years Eve bonfire in the heart of the worst appliance I’ve had in my life.

My new refrigerator will not be a Samsung. I will check diligently to make sure that the new manufacture of my refrigerator can provide adequate service in a metro area as large as Atlanta. Over 4.5 million people and Samsung can’t find a decent repair technician to honor their warranty.

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suzymcinn says: (1 year ago)
Good luck with customer support - BUY SAMSUNG AT YOUR OWN PERIL
"We understand it is very disappointing for any manufactured product to fail, whether in-or-out of warranty. However, over time, it is possible for a manufactured product to require service or repair. I can provide a link to find another service center in your area for a second opinion or another estimate. http://www.samsung.com/us/support/service/location Thank you ^Heath"

Samsungisgarbage says: (4 years ago)
I will never buy anything Samsung again. I was told their products are garbage I did not listen; I purchased their washer. it is a piece of crape, after 3 years it died. I will spend the rest of my life telling people that Samsung products are garbage. lets face it, they are very famous in a third world countries only. it is a third world company

gateman6 says: (5 years ago)
I bought all samsung appliance. The dishwasher stopped working 2 months in. I called samsung and they sent USSI out to repair. The dishwasher exploded and destroyed my hardwood floors. I called samsung and they told me to send in estimates and photos. I have and 3 months later I am still getting the run around. I dont know what else to do. Any advice from anyone?

loulou417 says: (5 years ago)
We purchased a Samsung dishwasher and washer and dryer. The dishwasher motor went out before 2 years! Had to order part from China so it was down 3 months. Now the washer has stopped working. It was purchased November 2011. Can't wait to see how to repair this problem! Never will buy Samsung again!

sallu says: (6 years ago)
I am P.Sukumaran from Calicut, Kerala and I had a complaint about your serivce that I gave a samsung CTV Model No. CS21C3 to your service centre Gem Care Electronics, 5/493/B2 CDA Colony, Eranhipalam, Calicut, Kerala.Pin-673006 on 23/07/12. But the TV hasn't serviced and returned to me. It is poor to say that your service is not good as I am waiting for about One month. My mob No. is 9747841564

asswipe says: (8 years ago)
Had similar problem with the fan.
Took 2 months to get replaced. 6 months later
same noise another fan motor, agian 6 months later
same noise another fan motor.

nickicreel says: (8 years ago)
Same problem here with the Samsung RS2630SH refrigerator. First had intermittent fan noise, followed by constant squealing fan noise followed by total fan failure and fridge walls getting very hot. Ordered parts # DA97-01949A (fan motor) and DA31-00010C (fan blade) from partstore.com(866-925-7278). Get the motor & fan & shipping & tax for about $54 . The fan unit actually slides out. Slide the fan unit (the white plastic cowling and all) forward (toward the doors) and then lift it out. Taking the back panel off and aiming a fan at the condenser does seem to sufficiently cool the fridge - at least it did for me - until the parts arrive. Good luck to all and don't buy Samsung again. I know I won't.

claudio says: (8 years ago)
Sono un cliente da tanto tempo e devo dite che mi sono sempre trovato bene fino a oggi…ho fatto il numero verde della samsung e devo dire che sono veramente maladucati apparte uno dopo tanti tentativi…non immaginavo tutto ciò ma da oggi ho deciso che nella mia vita niente più samsung dopo 15 telefoni cambiati è l ultimo acquisto galaxy s a me e alla mia ragazza un 32pollici due televisioni da 46 su cui un 3d… Ecc.. Pensavo che era una ditta serie e in vece si è comportata tutt altro l ho dico con malincuore ti trattano meglio la sony e la parasonic non me l aspettavo visto che voglio parlare con un dirigente e trovano mille scuse sono vetamente deluso non è cosi seria come sembra e da ora in poi farò una cattiva publicità grazie della pazienza di queste parole scritte

soitgoes says: (8 years ago)
I wish we read your review prior to buying a Samjunk washer and dryer. Two months! after purchase our dryer just stopped working!! Called for repair assistance and just got the run around.
You live and you learn. I won't buy Samjunk again and I suggest the same to your readers.
Fran from Bellingham.

robs says: (9 years ago)
Samsung is shit - never buy anything from them. We did $2000 and the appliance lasted 3 years, not very well either.

higherstandards says: (9 years ago)
Samsung appliances are the best appliances on the market i should know im a service tech compared to whirlpool and maytag and all others you will not buy a better appliance and never let a sears or a&e service tech in your house they are useless we run about 30 of there recalls a week.

Barbeeloula says: (9 years ago)
Wow...So glad I read your review as well. My husband and I were planning to buy all new major appliances as well. We are switching gears and looking at other manufactures and their warranties.

sparty says: (9 years ago)
I know that Sears is an authorized repair service center for Samsung. They are even the ones that will show up if you purchased a Samsung product from Lowe's or BestBuy.

I did a google map search for Sears 30mile radius using Atlanta and got 10 stores listed.

I'm not sure why they would be sending you to some mom&pop repair shop in the first place?

speakingout says: (9 years ago)
I agree Samsung has no service network and calling the company is useless. Even getting beyound customer service to the executive team is hopeless. Promissed return calls are not made.Major chain stores should not sell there product. Service does not exist.

jbbjbbjbbjbbjbb says: (10 years ago)
Hi Aplatts,

Thanks for your review about Samsung major appliance service and warranties. I'm about to completely replace all my major appliances, and had my eye on the top of the line Samsung WF448 washer/dryers, refrigerator, and range. Hope you'll feel vindicated that your review helped make my decision to go elsewhere instead!

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