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Samsung Reviews

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  • headphone replacement

    I bought my phone on May 10th, tried charging it when I reached home but couldn''t because its wall charger was not working so I had to head to the branch the next day for solving the problem and they replaced the whole phone, after that when I tried using its headset in phone calls, I was told by the people I called that they can''t hear me clearly because of a distortion so I went again to the same branch for the 3rd time on May 17th for solving this and they told me that the phone will be replaced for the 2nd time and that they need the package and all the accessories... More...
    (Mobile Phones)

    (Mobile Phones)
    OWDBEHARI's Picture   OWDBEHARI    0 Comments   Comments
  • Multiple issues

    1. The double oven idea doesn't work because the "upper" oven is convection only, a fact that isn't stated in any literature. 2. The sensor that indicates the oven is up to temperature is incorrect, the temp in the oven after the sensor indicates that the oven is up to temperature leaves the oven cavity anywhere from 15 - 50 degrees cooler than the temperature is supposed to be which means it takes another 10 - 15 minutes of heating before the oven really reaches the temperature that it is set at - Samsung support states this is "normal", no problem. 3.... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
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  • Samsung Junk!

    I never bought Samsung before now. I regret every second of wasting my money. I had to have the heater and idler replaced about six months after buying (luckily covered by manufacturers warranty). Less than three months later same issues. They put these together so cheap and crappy!!!! The replacement parts are just as crappy! Do not buy these products! Now I have to figure out how to fix the crappy squealing sound. Can't afford ridiculous cost of a tech coming out just to pay again in six months!!!!! More...
    (Repair Services)
    LBTXmom's Picture   LBTXmom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Samsung S7 Edge screen

    To whom it may concern, Hi, this is Suleyman. I would like to complain about a problem which is about my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. I have been using that phone for a year. However, I had been using until the screen gets flashing unmeaningfully. So, I brought it to the samsung qualified technical service. After the technical investigation, They called me to pay almost 325£ for repair even though it is under warranty for 2 years according to the Turkey%u2019s laws. They responsed that I need to pay this money because of just tinny little crack on the corner. They assumed that the... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    ssancak's Picture   ssancak    0 Comments   Comments
  • Quality less products

    Guys i dont buy samsung phones and dont replace display screen also if it breaks.. i met the same reason my device displays got broken and i replaced with samsung original display which costs around 4200 and they offer warrenty of 3 months only and with in 6months i got placed with display problem.. and i start asking samsung customer service guys they simply saying replace with another screen which cost 4200.. so guys dont go with samsung worst service and quality less products.. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    san2ker's Picture   san2ker    0 Comments   Comments
  • 2016 Samsung 78 Curved TV - Picture Went Bad - Samsung Not Honoring Warranty

    I purchased a 78 inch Samsung TV on 4/1/2017 from HHGregg. HHGregg stated that all sales were final but Samsung offered a one year warranty. This TV was a floor model. After 2-3 days, the TV stopped working and received the following picture blue bar, which faded away shortly after turning on the TV (Figure 1). Figure 1 I called Samsung to have a Samsung tech come out. They scheduled for 4/10. Over the course of the next several days while waiting for the Samsung Tech, the TV started to get an additional streak (bleeding) and picture still did not work (Figure 2). Figure 2 The... More...
    (Cable TV)
    burkeh's Picture   burkeh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Samsung phone and service

    I will NOT use Samsung product anymore. Why? 1. Premium price but bad product. 2. Premium price but inferior service. 3. No Service Center (similar to an Apple store) If someone pay almost $1000 USD for a premium device, he would expect a good lasting product and premium service. BAD Samsung product: I spent $975 22 months ago on Samsung S6 edge phone. I was using the camera with 80% battery and it went dead after that. I did not drop the phone, I did not do any damage to it whatsoever. I have an iphone s5 lasted about 4 years and still working. Sony TV, playstation, xbox... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    ByeSamsung's Picture   ByeSamsung    0 Comments   Comments
  • VERY Unhappy with Samsung Updates Pushed Today (3/30/17)

    Except for the improvements of the keyboard / swype feature & emoticons, I'm VERY disappointed in the Samsung updates that were pushed to my phone earlier today (3/30/2017). The icons are ugly and hard to see with the white border. PHOTO GALLERY: I want my old photo gallery back. I don't like how it's organized and I think it's offensive that you think you can make a storybook from pictures I took close together. TEXT MSGS: You just made it so much harder to send a new text by adding several additional steps. Whose idea was it to make the user push a... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    BKellner's Picture   BKellner    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incorrect product specification

    Bought Samsung galaxy j1 Mini Prime The product specs said it has 5 MP main camera , VGA face front camera After unpacking the device , tried to try the camera to picture some normal text as I used the picture was very hazy blurred , tried different distance and setup , But nothing worked . No one single letter is clear enough So I said most probably this is a mistake or production problem , as a 2MP camera from my Polaroid tablet captured the same text clear enough that Samsung so called 5MP cam failed to do I was thinking if tthe main camera quality is that bad . The front is... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Non-redressal of mfg defects

    My son-abhishek Rastogi bought 1 piece of Samsung Note-5 Model>SM-N9208ZDUINS on 18.10.2016 in Lucknow (UP) India but the same went out of order in 1/2017 itself. I have E-mailed a detailed complaint on 18.02.2017 but to no avail. So the options available with me to write to the concnerned IndianRegulatory Authorities and give wide publicity of your Vompany's bad performance on all the social sites right now. What you say-tell me to-day itself. With good wshes More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    ssrg's Picture   ssrg    0 Comments   Comments
  • Problem face me at SAMSUNG maintenance center at Alexandria Egypt

    Dear SAMSUNG; I writing this complaint regarding the miserable service I have received from SAMSUNG agent in EGYPT. On 5th Feb. 2017. I called the Agent UNION Alex. inquired my Mobile phone SAMSUNG (Model name:SM-A710FEDFKSA) for repair it%u2019s broken screen. I went to the maintenance center (alex assafra) as per call center advise. Delivered the mobile phone as per SERVICE ORDER SHEET attached. (Service order no:4192236513) And the maintenances enter advised me to follow this service order after 5 days. I called this center again following the service order as following :- 8th... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Walid1979Said's Picture   Walid1979Said    0 Comments   Comments
  • Samsung J3(6) not repairable at any cost.

    I have a J3(6) phone that I purchased for my son, and after owning it for 1 month the screen was cracked. So I sent it in to Samsung and the phone was promptly sent back to me unrepaired. I was told, %u201Cdue to current business conditions, Samsung is temporarily suspending all Out-of-Warranty repairs.%u201D They also told me that I should check with my carrier or my insurance company for coverage. Upon calling around to screen repair places I was told that Samsung is not providing parts for this phone. So basically this phone is bricked if you have any issues with it not covered under... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    hFolk's Picture   hFolk    0 Comments   Comments
  • S 7 Edge pink line

    Sent my phone galaxy s7 edge into Samsung for the dreaded pink line down the screen. I got a call back saying that the phone wasn't going good to be fixed under the guarantee due to the volume button having damage to it. The volume button has a scratch on it, but it is in FULL WORKING ORDER. Then I got told it was going to cost me £206.94 too get this fixed even though it worked fine. This then went too the escalation team. No joy there and they refused my request of speaking to a manager but I was kept on hold for over 40 minutes. I have now paid the £206 and feel... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Martinw69's Picture   Martinw69    0 Comments   Comments

    Am not happy with this phone as it randomly shuts off and restarts itself..during phone calls, does not need a reason..tried the Safe Mode as suggested by Samsung Support..that Didn't work. .reset ohone to factory default..that did Not work..I can't spend $ and send the phone anywhere because it is the only phone I, for a phone costing hundreds of $, the android software sucks! !! Take more responsibility for your product and make sure it works would you like to own an expensive product that doesn't work? ?? More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Ams654321's Picture   Ams654321    0 Comments   Comments
  • Samsung S7 Edge

    I brought a Galaxy S7 Edge in July 2016 broke in Sept 2016 called for the one yr warranty and no go they said to call Russia Samsung can't call Russia with the toll free number given to me by the representative. Wasted 700.00 Bought a Galaxy S5 at walmart to use with straight talk 11/3/2016 broke on 11/24/2016 called Samsung again did not stand behind the one yr warranty. Referred me to straight talk they tried to send me a fixed old Galaxy S5 refurbished out another 300.00 More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    sucker100's Picture   sucker100    0 Comments   Comments
  • Samsung Fridge - Does not work when Delivered

    Bought a Samsung Fridge on 28th Nov 2016, Delivered on the evening of 29th November 2016, Call up call center - they send an technician on 30th Nov - Fridge does not switch on - he calls for some 'technical' help and gets some instruction on phone - comes the next day ( again after 5 phone calls) - the senior technician says PCB not working - writes a report and goes back - I go to Reliance Digital - guys who sold the Fridge - they make a few phone calls and say - the replacement of the Fridge will take 20 days ! That's the price a consumer pays for going the Samsung way !! More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Shalabh's Picture   Shalabh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Troubleshooting Technician Operator - SHAN

    Hi my name is Dinah Koh and i was helped by this gentleman, Shan, great and helpful person. This is my first that i have come across after dealing with so many and he was the best to help me with all my issues. This is what customer care should be. As for me i find it entertaining being able to communicate with him in a good way.Great person and he should be mentioned to others about handling customers. My time with him just ended about 5 minutes ago. Excellent job from start to finish. Thank you Shan once again for all your help. Thank you for your kind attention. Regards Dinah Koh More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Dinah's Picture   Dinah    0 Comments   Comments
  • Review of support

    I am loyal Samsung customer across all products of this company. I have been for many years. I have never had any issues with any of the products. Of course every now and again something will go wrong . With the volume of products sold. I will remain loyal to my favourite company regardless of media induced hysteria. Hang tough Samsung.!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Gazzer1970's Picture   Gazzer1970    0 Comments   Comments
  • dishwasher

    We purchased all new Samsung appliances. Black stainless steel (at this point there is only 1 model available in BSS, except the stove which can be a normal stove or a stove that has a divider so you can cook at 2 different temps-which is the one we purchased). The dishwasher did not clean dishes from day one. Microwave quite working after 2 months. Hate the stove would have not spent the extra money on the 2 temperature model and frig is OK, but the ice/water dispenser is slow and it was delivered with a goober on the front that was supposed to come off with cleaning but I have not... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    theganns's Picture   theganns    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad dealing and services

    Most important things in marketing for any company is satisfaction of customer and try to build strong relation ship with customer but Samsung authorize shop behavior is too bad. they didn't know who deal with customer so my opinion is didn't buy any mobile if the dealing way is not good specially in Sialkot Shop name: Experience Zone this shop is Authorize by Samsung but dealing behavior is too bad More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    talhasaleem's Picture   talhasaleem    0 Comments   Comments
  • Galaxy 3 tablet

    I have always been a die hard fan of Samsung having owned several phones and two tablets until today. I am angry, disappointed and will never own another Samsung both because of the issue with my tablet and with customer service. I have left many companies because of poor customer service and this one is very uncaring and unprofessional. The charging port on the tablet bought in May 2015 quit working and I called Samsung who email me a UPS label to send it postage free. I explain on the phone what the issue was and that it had worked that morning but not that night. I was not informed this... More...
    doraej's Picture   doraej    4 Comments   Comments
  • Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet

    I have always been a die hard fan of Samsung having owned several phones and two tablets until today. I am angry, disappointed and will never own another Samsung both because of the issue with my table and with customer service. I have left many companies because of poor customer service and this one is very uncaring and unprofessional. The charging port on the tablet bought in May 2015 quit working and I called Samsung who email me a UPS label to send it postage free. I explain on the phone what the issue was and that it had worked that morning but not that night. I was not informed this... More...
    (Repair Services)
    doraej's Picture   doraej    0 Comments   Comments
  • Galaxy Note

    Shame on Samsung,being a largest company in world that could provide a proper customer support and handle the queries. Have purchased a Galaxy Note in sept 2013,It was sent to repair 4 times for screen problem. Finally the case went to Resolution team and there decided to refund the money back. Processing time for refund was 21 business days , its almost 3 months and i get calls from resolution team and wanted to check wether i have recieved the refund. Since 2013 , my product was in samsung pocession for almost 4 months. I have given up on dealing with his company. Will invlove ACCC to... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    anilpatel's Picture   anilpatel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Escalating an issue with Samsung Egypt support.

    Hello, My name is Ibrahim Abdelhady, Professor at the American University of Cairo. I’m a household of an American family, and since we moved to Egypt we decided to buy Samsung smart TV, similar to the one that we had in US. I got the TV from Samsung authorized dealer "Mantronix" in Alexandria, that was in Sep 2013, couple of weeks ago, the TV went down, it gives a white screen as you see in the picture. I called Samsung Egypt, and after a lot of phone calls, they stated that the TV is out of the warranty because the serial can not be found on their system. I called... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • warranty

    Write your review, complaint or I purchase samsung s5 before 4 month I dam my phne in water few min. After 2 hours my phne is not working Next day i go samsung care in mathura Your staff say this phne out of warranty If you r repair a phne the billing is 22500 rupees Mob. 8439393923 question here and add as much detail as possible so the Business you review can improve and reply to you. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    rahulsharma45's Picture   rahulsharma45    0 Comments   Comments
  • SAMSUNG Mobile phone new handset defective

    Regarding my Case Number: 4197955758 for my Samsung Galaxy S5 4G mobile which I purchased 8 months ago, on 15/October/14 at the Phone Store, CMH road, Indiranagar is still within warranty. Kindly find below a detailed timeline of the sequence of events that transpired and the sordid tale of multiple times of critical data loss 1. Since I bought the phone, I noticed that it occasionally restarted on it's own, as I am from the IT Technical field, I knew that this is a familiar occurrence with Android phones so ignored it as everything else was working as expected. 2. But in May 2015,... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Rodfra's Picture   Rodfra    1 Comments   Comments

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fm1978 says: (2 years ago)
I bought a washing machine WF70F5E2W2W/EU which is NOT recommended at all. I have reported that a couple of days of receiving this malfunctioning appliance. I have been told to send videos and pictures that I have already done. I have received and phone call from the technical team who said they will issue me with an uplift number to return the product as it is not functioning and reported within the first 28 days of purchase. I have received another phone call today from them today to say they will not issue the number!!! I have recorded all the names and the dates for the calls and I have the videos that shows the malfunctioning product. The technical team refused to put me through to the costumer service department and refused to give me a phone number to call to solve this issue. This is appalling, very poor and incompetent service. I need to raise a complain about this product and about the way my issue that been handled by the technical team and need my refund.

SMPC says: (4 years ago)
I love my new Samsung Galaxy 3! Absolutely fantastic phone. User-friendly, lots of free, usable apps and the photo quality is better than any camera I've ever used. Great job!

yinnaw says: (6 years ago)
Samsung gas dryer not drying
I bought Samsung gas dryer (DV407AG) on Nov of 2009. After using for about months, the drying clothes needs 2-4 hours. I did all the troubleshooting according to the manual, and still need longer time (2-4 hours). I called the Samsung customer service for times. They came to my house to repair the dryer last year during my warranty time, but they still charged me $70. After then, it still needs longer dryer time. I called them again on Nov of last year (within my warranty time), they asked me to try to use manual dry function, but not suggest me to repair it. I tried them for 1-2 month, it does not work also. I found the temperature seems like not get hot after using several times (I use dryer one week for one time. I called them again and finally they told me they will send a technician to my house in a few days. However, I need to pay more money again to repair my dryer as it is not in my warranty time. Samsung company says to people that if they use their dryer it will save time and money, however for my experiences, it dose not save any money (within 14 months, I pay repairing fees for 2 times and need 2-4 hours to dry clothes for each time). Based on my experiences, I will never buy their products again and will share my experience with people.

VENKAT says: (7 years ago)

milena says: (9 years ago)
I bought a Samsung camera 2 months ago..Eventhough being a new machine,it stopped working..I can take no more photos and I desperately need it hence I'm about to go abroad...It's a disgrace...I will never ever buy products of Samsung ...

techtalk says: (9 years ago)
the samsung asbh500 bluetooth stereo headset is great! Thanks for an awesome product.

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